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Welcome to Wintergemfarm and the exciting range of Bromeliads.  

Peter and Ruth Fazey -  the proud owners of

We hope you enjoy our exciting range of bromeliads that we have collected and now offer some of them for sale. We also have a close friend who is supplying us with aditioinal plants and some very good information to ensure our labeling is correct. NOTE: over a period of time, some labels get lost and incorrect names get put on those plants. We do endevour to correct any mistakes we find or just call the plant a HYBRID if the correct name is not known. 

We will be adding more plant to this website on a regular basis as new plants become available. Keep checking back to see if anything takes your fancy.

Wintergemfarm is located near Bermagui on the far south coast of NSW. Both Ruth and Peter have fallen in love with bromeliads, their colour, length of time the flowers last and their overall appearance in the greenhouses and we know you will too.

We water our broms from the dam on the farm. The ducks and geese swim happily in the dam, so we guess that there will be a slight trace of fertilizer in the water thanks to our feathered friends. Our plants are potted in Cymbidium Orchid mix, it is readily available in most areas (approx $15per bag) and I am sure our customers would rather pot in a similar mix that we use and not some complex home made mixture that is hard to reproduce.

We will do our best at our end to ensure the plants or pups are securely wrapped and padded. So far, deliveries have been very good via Australia Post and Registration ensures the parcel arrives safely and in a timely manner. Unlike the bunch of flowers that are sent, last for a week then discarded - your newly purchased bromeliad will keep growing and eventually flower - It is the gift that will be remembered for a long time. A gift to a loved one that keeps on giving. Please Note: the broms will be sent BARE ROOTED and will require potting asap. Once settled into their new mix, they should grow on happily and give you years of pleasure. We suggest (like bare rooted roses), place the plants or pups in some water to cover the roots and leave overnight to rehydrate them.

When ordering broms please remember - to post one is not cheap, but, the more you buy, the cheaper the postage becomes. When the postage reaches $25 or over 3 kg, that is the maximum amount of postage you will pay.




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